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Dra. Adriana Landazábal Bernal


Gynecologist Dra. Adriana Landazábal Bernal

Dra. Adriana Landazábal Bernal is a certified specialist in medicine and surgery. Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, has Master’s Degree in Human Reproduction and Master’s degree in endoscopic surgery and pelvic surgery. Dra. Adriana Landazábal Bernal is the owner and chief physician of the medical gynecological center (DIS) in the MIRAMAR polyclinic and the director of the Fertiliti Center Mallorca in the multidisciplinary Juaneda clinic.

Dra. Landazabal uses the most modern methods of treatment and provides the full range of gynecological services – from preventive examination, diagnosis, selection of contraceptives to complex treatment, including the most modern gynecological operations for infertility, cysts, myomas, etc.

List of services:

General gynecology

Teenage Gynecology


Surgical laparoscopy; Readings:

  1. Cysts and ovarian tumors
  2. Ovarian apoplexy
  3. Ectopic pregnancy
  4. Pipe infertility
  5. Myoma and cysts of the uterus
  6. Endometriosis
  7. Sterilization

Surgical hysteroscopy. Indication:

  1. Need for dissection of intrauterine fusion
  2. Polyps, hyperplasia, myomal nodules in the uterus, pathology on the uterine mucosa and in its cavity
  3. The need to remove the intrauterine contraceptive, as well as the remnants of a frozen pregnancy or unsuccessful abortion
  4. Uterine bleeding
  5. Techniques for assisted reproduction (Fecundación in Vitro)
  6. Aesthetic gynecology and aesthetic vaginal surgery
  7. Menopause
  8. Contraceptives

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