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Clínica Morano


Clínica Morano

Skin rejuvenation with plasma. Revitalization (mesotherapy). Medical laser (photodepilation, pigment or vascular lesions, senile spots). Laser Vectus, HARMONY Laser-PULSED IAGHT-PIXEL, Laser-PALOMAR 1540-STAR LUX, Laser-DIODO, Laser-Nd YAg, Laser-CO2Re. Rejuvenation with a CO2Re fractal laser.

Our clinic offers:

  1. Anti-wrinkle procedures
  2. Botox
  3. Skin firming procedures
  4. Radio Frequency Energy ACCENT, THERMAGE
  5. RADIESSE pull-up effect
  6. Calcium hydroxyapatite SCULPTRA
  7. “Pulling threads”
  8. Rhinoplasty
  9. Bioplastics
  10. Volumetric correction with RADIESSE
  11. The department for the aesthetics of venous diseases offers vascular sclerosis, cryosclerosis of vessels, electrosclerosis, a laser for vascular removal
  12. Thermage
  13. Bioplastics
  14. Lip procedures
  15. Lipolaser
  16. HIFU

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